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Laser Wheel Alignment and Digital Balancing

Our expert technicians use state-of-the-art laser alignment tools to adjust your wheels to manufacturer specifications, delivering improved handling, extended tyre life, and enhanced fuel efficiency. Say goodbye to uneven wear, vibrations, and drifting, and embrace a smoother, more controlled drive.

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Laser 4 wheel alignment and full geometry checks from £29.95inc phone for details.

Laser Wheel Alignment Service Corby

Making sure your wheels are aligned correctly can improve your vehicle’s performance and handling. At Northants Mobile Tyres, we offer professional wheel alignment in Corby. Whether you need just a front wheel alignment, or adjustments to maintain correct wheel alignment, we’ve got you covered.

As temperatures drop, potholes become increasingly prevalent. Unfortunately, navigating these road hazards can disrupt your wheel alignment, leading to accelerated tire wear. If you feel your vehicle pulling to one side, see uneven tire wear, or an off-centre steering wheel, it’s crucial to schedule an alignment check.

Our state-of-the-art equipment features four lasers, with two connecting to a reference flag on each rear wheel, ensuring a consistently straight driving experience. The other two lasers precisely measure the alignment of the front wheels, allowing us to perform both 4 wheel alignments and 2 wheel alignments with exceptional accuracy.

Our mobile tyre fitting vans are equipped with computer wheel balancers, guaranteeing precise balancing for every tyre purchase. As an added bonus, we provide complimentary wheel balancing* with every tire purchase.

Visit our local garage for expert wheel alignment services using top-notch alignment equipment. 

*applies to centreless wheels only.    

Free wheel balancing with every tyre purchased direct.      Call Us Today 01536 506772

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At Northants Mobile Tyres Ltd, we go beyond mobile tyre fitting and buying tyres online. Our Corby service centre is fully equipped to address all your motoring needs. Our range of services includes MOTs, suspension work, brake services, TPMS checks, vehicle health checks, general car repairs and more. Contact us today to book your vehicle in.

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