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Laser Wheel Alignment and  Digital Balancing

Laser Wheel Alignment and Digital Balancing

Correct wheel alignment or "tracking" as it is also known will improve tyre wear by maximising tyre life, vehicle handling & can improve fuel eccomomy. It is important to have a 4 wheel alignment.The equipment as its name sugests has 4 lasers 2 of which go to a referance from a flag fitted to each of rear wheels to ensure the vehicle drives straight. The other 2 lasers measure the alignment of the front wheels.

Recently with the colder weather we have encountered more pot holes than usual, driving over these can cause you wheel alignment to be knocked out. This can then cause exessive tyre wear.  Laser 4 wheel alignment and full geometry checks from  £29.95inc phone for details.

So if your vehicle pulls to one side, have uneven tyre wear & or the steering wheel is not straight book in today.

Incorrect wheel balancing not only causes & vibration it also causes tyre premature tyre wear & suspension component wear. We have computer wheel balancers in each van & every tyre we sell comes with free wheel balancing*

*applies to centreless wheels only.    

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