E.U tyre labelling regulations

As of November 2012 it will be a legal requirement to supply tyre labeling information at the point of sale. This will include web sales, Phone call sales & sales within the retail depot. Each tyre manufacturer after July 2012 should have an efficiency label attached. The label will look like efficiency labels found on many white goods and therefore be easy to understand & easily recognisable. This information must also be available at all decision-making points of sale & be displayed on your purchase invoice.

The information falls into 3 categories,

1 Fuel efficiency graded A-G best to worst = 7.5% loss in fuel economy

2 Wet grip graded A-G best to worst = 30% in braking distances.

3 External road noise measured in decibels.

From November 2012 all tyres sold on our website will have this data readily available prior to purchsing. These values will also be displayed on all invoicing & available for telesales providing you our customer with accurate regulation compliant information to improve decision making when making your tyre purchase.

Our stock control, Invoicing systems & web site shop are ready to display the information, we are just waiting for the roll out from the tyre manfacturers & tyre wholesalers to us.

Dangerous tyres & the legal limit

These wear indicators are set at 1.6mm minimum legal limit.

A new study, which tests the effects of tyre tread depth on straight line braking & cornering in wet conditions, proves that the stopping distance of a car at 50mph on tyres which just 1.6mm tread depth (the legal minimum legal requirement) increases by up to 37% – or 8.8 metres compared to a new tyre 6.7mm

A stopping distance of 8.8 metres is equivalent to more than 2 car lengths and could make the difference between knocking over & potentially killing a pedestrian.

It has been proved in independent tests that in wet braking, stopping performance is severely reduced at 3.5mm tread depth or below.

We recommend tyre replacement at 3mm to stay safe

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